Community Conservation

Penn Township relies on its local natural resources to support quality of life and economic stability. In recognition, Penn Township has partnered with regional conservation organizations and Cumberland County to analyze the value of local natural features using a process referred to as Return on Environment (ROE) to identify the significance of local resources to protect them and help sustain the local community. The documents below provide additional information that landowners and the Township can consider to help achieve the community goals.

2019 Penn Township Return on Environment Report

The 2019 Report describes natural resources in terms of economic value. Value comes from the benefits received or avoided expenses associated with different types of environmental features. Viewing natural features as local assets provides a way for resource preservation concerns to be addressed as part of budget discussions that residents and Township officials use to guide their decisions (click to open Report).

2020 Putting ROE to Work Guide

The 2020 Guide describes ways landowners and Township officials can help preserve natural resources on their property or in the community through various land use decisions. The Guide offers specific recommendations for properties that are forested or within riparian corridors but also offers tips for any resident wishing to support wildlife or protect nearby streams on any property. (click to open Report)

Online Return on Environment Mapping

Environmental conditions vary throughout Penn Township resulting in different values and considerations that are displayed in maps in the above reports. The mapping can also be accessed through the Penn Township online map tool which contains features that allow a user to zoom into specific areas, evaluate different mapped information or create a printed map for discussion purposes. (click to open Online ROE Mapping and the Online Map Users Guide.)

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Check out the Conservation in Penn Township Fact Sheet

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